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Break free from constraints and achieve your dream with our tailored training programs, created through a groundbreaking partnership with the European Polygraph Association. Whether you're starting out or advancing, our self-paced courses in Basic Training or Professional Master in Forensic Psychophysiology are your gateway.

Polytest Training

Quality Education, Local Setting

The collaboration between Risk Control Services and the European Polygraph Association, marks a significant milestone in the provision of polygraph training in West Africa. As Europolygraph Learning Partner (ELP), Risk Control has made the journey towards becoming a certified polygraph examiner more accessible, convenient, and affordable for individuals in West Africa, with a special focus on Nigeria. Our partnership guarantees that the quality of training remains uncompromised. Trainees will receive the same high level of education, expertise, and hands-on experience as they would in Europe, but in a familiar and supportive local environment.

Massive Savings

The elimination of expensive travel expenses abroad, including airfare and accommodation, represents a substantial financial saving for our trainees. This makes the journey to becoming a certified polygraph examiner more affordable than ever.Polytest.

Expert Supervision

The practical training sessions will be conducted under the watchful eye of our esteemed polygraph consultant from Spain. This ensures that the training maintains the high standards set by the European Polygraph Association and meets all certification requirements.

Unmatched Convenience

By hosting the practical training locally, we alleviate the logistical challenges and uncertainties associated with international travel. Trainees can now focus solely on their learning and development, without the stress of visa applications and travel arrangements.

Polygraph Courses

Achieve your dream of becoming a polygraph examiner with our flexible, self-paced courses offered in partnership with Europolygraph. Opt for Basic Training or advance to a Professional Master in Forensic Psychophysiology.

Basic Polygraph Examiner Course

Know the Essentials of Psychophysiology

Become a professional polygraph examiner with the Basic Training Program from our eLearning platform; Having the opportunity to complete it with a module of real Practical training in an institution attached to our ELP program.

Intl Master in Forensic Psychophysiology

Master the Art and Science of Polygraphy

This program is made to polygraph professionals who wish to expand their knowledge with new technologies based on the Credibility of Testimony, reaching the professional peak in our sector. This Program also includes the Basic Training Program

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Take the first step towards a rewarding career as a certified polygraph examiner. Enroll in our polygraph training program today and benefit from the convenience, savings, and exceptional educational experience that our partnership offers.