Corruption is everywhere and in all types of organizations and levels of society. Some organizations and industries  are more prone to corrupt practices and will require a stronger detection and deterrence method like our polygraph service.

It is more and more apparent that corruption in government circles, and corporate fraud are becoming hydra headed and complex with cyber criminality thrown into the mix.

Any company whether they are good or bad company is vulnerable to corporate fraud, likewise any government agency or establishment. Our polygraph screening will provide your organization with an effective proactive means to detect and/or deter such crimes.

Through in-service polygraph testing, we help businesses identify the dishonest employees and can also find out how much they have stolen so that corrective action can be taken.

Periodic polygraph employee screening is akin to an organizational ‘health check’ to detect workplace crimes and malpractices early, before the cumulative effect results in considerable financial loss, damage to reputation or even bankruptcy. Contact us today and let us assist you to ameliorate the risks of corruption and employee theft