As a member of the European Polygraph Association our mission is to promote and implement the use and development of Scientific Truth Verification and Lie Detection, applying the polygraph technique.

We utilise experienced and certified examiners equipped with Stoelting smartest and most advanced polygraph equipment on the market to unravel the truth with unparalleled accuracy.

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Lie Detection Applications

Explore our diverse services tailored for Private, Corporate, Sports & Entertainment, Education, Legal & Compliance and Government sectors.


In matters of personal integrity, where proving your innocence is crucial, our private polygraph tests provide a vital solution. Whether addressing accusations of infidelity, theft, or child abuse our services offer a pathway to vindication and peace of mind.

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Comprehensive pre-employment screening solutions and corporate investigations that uncovers fraud, theft, and dishonesty thereby ensuring the preservation of your company's reputation and assets.

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Specialized services designed to support governmental agencies and their contractors as part of the security clearance process because certain positions require access to highly sensitive information related to national security, and with it comes a great deal of responsibility.

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Polygraph In Sports & Entertainment
Sports & Entertainment

Bespoke solutions in the world of professional sports ensuring the integrity of the game. Athletes, coaches, and officials may be subject to polygraph tests to ensure that they are not involved in activities such as match fixing or using performance-enhancing drugs.

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Legal & Compliance
Legal & Compliance

Expert support for legal matters and regulatory compliance for instance in civil cases to help determine the truthfulness of witnesses or parties involved in a dispute. Also useful by probation officers to monitor compliance with court-ordered restrictions or probation terms.

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Educational Integrity and Testing Image
Educational Integrity and Testing

This category focuses on the application of polygraph testing within academic institutions and testing environments to uphold the integrity of examinations and other forms of academic assessment.

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Professional Team

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Olufemi Ajayi

Forensic Psychophysiologist

Femi is a certified Polygraph Examiner who is one of the directors of Risk Control Services, Nigeria's leading security consulting and background screening firm. He is an award-winning former officer of state security service and a recognized expert in background screening.

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José Antonio Fernández de Landa

President, Europolygraph

Jose is a renowned expert and trainer in the field of polygraphy. As the founder and president of the European Polygraph Association (Europolygraph), he has been instrumental in setting standards and promoting the training of polygraph examiners across Europe and beyond.

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